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Maguire Equine


 Maguire Equine offers individual training sessions in saddleseat, huntseat, and driving at your barn. We also offer services handling young horses on the ground and starting horses under saddle. 

With a backround in training show horses of all disciplines, head trainer Jamie Maguire has years of experience with Morgan Horses, as well as Saddlebreds, Quarter Horses, and other breeds. Specific experience in problem horses and horses requiring retraining will provide massive value to you and your horse. From starting horses for the very first time to behavioral issues on the ground and in the saddle, we can give you and your horse the best chance at a happy and successful future together.

Access to many local, breed, and open shows as a part of the Maguire Equine Team! 


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions include:

30-45 minutes of groundwork, under saddle work, or driving

Starting at $30 a session